Awesome People - Ep 56

I need your help :)

Hi founders and fellow VC Friends!

Welcome to our first Awesome People edition of 2021. Happy new year!

May 2021 be filled with health 🏃🏻‍♀️, happiness 🎉, revenue 📈, happy customers (who refer most customers) ❤️, and less doom scrolling 😅.

This is special edition includes:

  • A 5-min survey (thanks in advance)

  • Community wellness perk (skip the Levels line)

  • Part-time opportunities (moonlighters welcome)

  • Recently featured talent

5 min survey, thanks in advance 🙏

Since we last spoke, I did a silent retreat and moved to Austin for 1 mo+. One of my takeaways from the retreat is I’m doubling down on all things Awesome People.

In 2021, we’ll build tools to help you find talent faster. Get excited 🎉.

Before we start building, we need your input.

Can you please take this 5 min survey? I’ll be internally grateful. I promise it’s in your best interest. These products will make your life easier.

After you take the survey, treat yourself 👇

Community wellness perk 🥑

New year, new you! So they say 😅

Building a venture-scale company is a decade+ long game. You need to stay mentally, emotionally, and physically fit. This stuff is no joke. To help, this year we’ll be sprinkling in more wellness perks.

To kick things off for 2021, here’s a link to skip the line for Levels!

They have tens of thousands of people on their waitlist and the team was kind enough to give us this magic link.

Levels tracks your glucose in real-time so you can optimize your diet, sleep, and energy levels. I was shocked to learn that a few of my daily habits were spiking my glucose to diabetic levels. Needless to say, I’ve dramatically cut down on fruit, oat milk, cashews, and Thai curry. I feel better and love knowing what’s happening inside of my body.

You can read more about the science on their blog and sign up here.

Full disclosure: I’m an early investor. Notably, the team did not ask me to do this and most of them don’t even know it’s here 😀

They’re also hiring a full-time lead designer. This is a rare opportunity to get on a 🚀. If you or anyone you know is interested, lmk and I’ll connect you.

Freelance, consulting, & advising opportunities 🙌

Very cool opportunities for you and your friends. Moonlighters welcome 😉

Reforge is hiring a lifecycle and email marketer for 20-40hrs a week

Reforge runs 6-week cohort-based programs to help everyone from growth leaders to PMs level up. Reforge was founded by Brian Balfour, one of Silicon Valley’s most respected growth leaders (and great human). They’re profitable, growing super fast, and pay well.

They need someone who is super deep in copywriting, lifecycle marketing, and great with email automation.

Emitwise is looking for a customer success advisor

Do you know any awesome people who lead enterprise customer success teams? If so, let me know. Emitwise is looking for customer success advisors. This is an awesome opportunity to take those enterprise skills and apply them to climate tech 🌎.

Levels is looking for a podcast producer

Who’s the best podcast producer you know? I’d love to get them on Level’s radar.

Feel free to forward this to your friends. Are you or anyone you know a fit? Let me know and I’ll connect you!

Most Recent Awesome People ✨

Sarah - Interim head of marketing. Sarah was an early employee at Uber (~ employee #100!) and was there for 7 years. She wore many hats across marketing, brand, and product. 

Kevin - Cybersecurity consultant. Kevin has helped tech startups pass critical security audits for enterprise sales and conducted security assessments for highly regulated Fortune 500 financial services firms. 

Jasmine - Blog post writer and content strategist. She's trusted by marketing leaders at Zapier, Patreon, and Shopify for blog content and copy. Marketing Brew named her a top marketer to follow.

Want intros to anyone here? Lmk and I’ll connect you!

Please don’t forget to take the survey 🙏

❤️ ❤️ ❤️