Awesome People - Ep 42

Get the free community talent list, last call for talent accelerator applications, secret gift, FT jobs

Hi founder friends and fellow VCs!

We have a very special episode in store for you today. There are treats for everyone! Here’s what’s on the docket. 

  1. For everyone: Get access to the community-curated talent list 😍

  2. For aspiring talent: 7-day talent accelerator to be your own boss 🚀

  3. For people who like FT jobs: P.S. goodies 🤩

Get the community-curated talent list 😍

Drum roll, please! How many times have you asked, “Does anyone know a good ________?” Probably too many. Let’s fix that 😀. Today, we’re crowdsourcing a list of the top startup freelancers, consultants, and agencies. Teamwork makes the dream work. Ready, go! 

  • Step 1: Nominate 1 awesome person (e.g. designers, copywriters, product people)

  • Step 2: We’ll work our magic to curate the list  

  • Step 3: Receive the full list of crowdsourced awesome people!

It’s that simple. 

To get your wheels turning, have you worked with an awesome freelancer, consultant, or agency on:

  1. PR 

  2. UI/UX

  3. Engineering 

  4. Ads and paid media 

  5. Rebrands and brand identity  

  6. Copywriting and editing

  7. Product

  8. Anything else 🎉

Respond to this email with:

  1. The name of an awesome freelancer, consultant, or agency

  2. Link to their online presence (LI, website)

  3. A few words about why you love them

We’ll give you a shout out for your nominations (if you prefer to remain anonymous, that’s cool too).

Everyone who nominates someone will get access to the entire community master list next week. Bonus points for multiple nominations. Whoever submits the most number of awesome nominations gets a top-secret gift (my co-founder Patrick has some pretty genius gift ideas!). 

Excited to see what we can make happen. Email me your favorite awesome people and we’ll return the favor by 10x+.

It’s the last week to apply to the Talent Accelerator 🚀

The Awesome People Talent Accelerator is off to the races. We only have 2 spots left. Applications due Sept 11th (this Friday) and Cohort 1 starts Sept 21. Apply today! Moonlighters and advisor-types welcome.

The deets: Want to be your own boss and kickstart your consulting career? Over the course of 7-days, we’ll help 10 awesome people launch their consulting businesses. We’ll host workshops, fireside chats, and AMAs with successful freelancers. It’s only 2-hrs a day and designed to work with your current schedule 😄. By the end of Sept, you’ll be talking to clients and in business (yes, we guarantee it). 

Apply asap and feel free to email me with questions! 

Woah! That was exciting! Let me know if you have any questions about the crowdsourced talent list or talent accelerator. We’ll follow up with everyone who participates to give you the goods! #teamwork 

Stay awesome, 

Julia Lipton

Founder of Awesome People and Awesome People Ventures

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P.S. FT jobs 🤩

Meet Sean, your hireable FT Creative Director

Sean specializes in creative advertising campaigns and is looking for his next move. He was recommended by my friend Brian Nichols, an early employee at Lyft and now at On Deck. Sean has created award-winning assets for clients such as Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Activision/Blizzard, NBC Universal, Bethesda, Disney/Marvel, Nexon and many others. He’s looking to join an in-house creative team, production studio, or marketing team. Here’s his past work. If you’re interested in connecting, email him at

Awesome People Ventures job openings 

I love these cos and teams. So much so that I invested in them. Let me know if you’re a fit and want intros to the founders. 

  • GEM is hiring a full-stack developer, ideally someone who knows Shopify. GEM is a multivitamin made out of all real food. I eat my GEM bite every day and LOVE it. They’ve 6x-ed revenue in the past year and are just getting started (you should see what they have in store for us!). This role will have a ton of autonomy and you’d be the only FT developer on the team. If you like wellness and want a lot of freedom, this is for you. 

  • Icebreaker is hiring a full-stack product developer. If you believe the world needs more meaningful connections, then this is the move! Icebreaker facilitates meaningful conversations online. The founders are world-class community builders (and humans). 10,000s of people use their product to gather and it has an insane amount of user love. 

  • Stir is hiring a founding designer, product engineer, and head of drops. They build tools that empower creators to build great businesses. Their products have been used by 100,000+ creators. They consistently ship “drops” in 2-3 days based on real-time community needs. The team is incredibly plugged into the creator economy and has a great culture.

Most recent Awesome People 🙏

Nick - iOS Developer. Most recently, he built Watch DogBuzzfeed TastyPlayboy Coloring Book, and Nike SNKRS. He’s a big fan of motion design, specifically animations and transitions.

Kendall - Product Management and Gamification Expert. He’s worked with MicrosoftTencent, and Mya to launch products, design user flows, and scale engagement.

Vlad - Video Producer and Content Marketer. He’s worked with FastEaze, and Forgerock, to produce eye-popping content, plan affordable marketing campaigns, and supercharge user engagement strategies.

Let me know if you want intros to any of the people above and I’ll connect you!