Awesome People - Ep 33

Awesome people know awesome people :)

Hi founders and fellow VCs, 

This week's newsletter is a special episode! We're switching things up.

Over the past 33 weeks, we've featured awesome freelancers and consultants. This week we're featuring awesome projects available now 🤩. We’ll resume our usually scheduled programming next week. 

Awesome people (aka you!), know awesome people. Collectively, you’ve referred hundreds of people over the past year. We’ve introduced them to jobs, each other, and even featured some of them in this newsletter. We’re here to facilitate matchmaking magic 🎉. 

Which brings me to today’s experiment! A test in crowdsourcing talent. Your friends will thank you forever if you help them find cool projects ❤️. 

Here are some opportunities we've curated for you and your network. Who are the best marketers, product managers, and social media experts you know? Send us a note and we'll send them a job 😀.

We even have “matchmaking gifts” if your intros get hired!

Sense Photonics is hiring an Interim Director of Marketing

Their 3D camera-based technology accelerates the development of autonomous vehicles and robots. They’re 70+ people and growing fast. The ideal candidate is hand-on and comfortable doing it all -- from updating the branding, positioning, website, sales collateral to managing the PR firm. Full role description here

Why we love this: It’s an exciting time for autonomous machines and this is an opportunity to be part of the story. You’d work directly with their CEO, Shauna McIntyre, who previously led Google’s automotive services program and is incredibly thoughtful. 

Matchmaking gift: $500

A stealth wellness company is hiring a freelance Product Manager

This seed-stage company is looking for a half-time PM to work directly with the founders to build its first consumer app 😀. The ideal candidate has 3-5+ years of experience, has worked at wellness and/or behavior, and has taken a product from idea to launch. 

Why we love this: The product is a science-based nutrition coaching program for diabetics. 90%+ of diabetics have Type 2 diabetes, which if caught early, can often be reversed with proper nutrition 💪. The founders are very kind, thoughtful, and have built and sold companies in the past. 

Matchmaking gift: $500

Marketing strategy and in-store launch for Good Goods

Good Goods is something new from the Fresh Bowl team. Prior to Covid, Fresh Bowl served healthy grab-and-go meals in reusable glass jars from vending machines. The jars were returned for credits, creating a beautiful zero-waste experience. Now they’re launching a pilot to reduce packaging waste in the wine and spirits industry. They’re looking for someone to drive messaging, marketing strategy, and the in-store launch experience.

Why we love this: I invested in Fresh Bowl through the fund and absolutely love Zach, their CEO. His heart is all-in on sustainability and building this business. They’re also a very fun, fast-moving team that values brand and marketing. 

Matchmaking gift: Surprise thank you! 

Twitter presence for Awesome People (come work with us!)

We’re building a twitter presence and some cool twitter tech. You’ll work directly with me and my awesome co-founder, Patrick, who’s built similar tools to reach 100M+ people. We have lots of big ideas and no time to tweet. Do you love startup twitter? Do you love awesome people? Come make magic with us. 

Why we love this: This is the perfect side-hustle $ for the right person. I’m obviously very biased… but this will be awesome. You’d have a ton of autonomy… YOLO. 

Matchmaking gift: A 24-inch thank you card (or something fun ) 

Have friends or colleagues looking for their next thing? Forward them this newsletter. If there’s mutual interest, we'd love to connect with them.

That’s all folks! Have thoughts or feedback on this matchmaking concept? I’d love to hear them.  In the meantime, stay tuned for our regularly scheduled programming next week. 

Stay awesome,

Julia Lipton

Founder of Awesome People and Awesome People Ventures

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